Cambrian College BScN Year 2

Glove Size

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BScN Year 2 Contents:

Syringe, 1ml, luer lock 1
Syringe, 3ml, luer lock 2
Syringe 5ml, luer lock 2
Syringe 10ml, luer lock 1
Syringe 35ml, luer lock 1
Insulin Syringe 29gx 1\2” needle with needle guard (#8881511110) Monoject safety syringe 2
TB Syringe1ml, with 27g x 5\8” needle with needle guard (Monoject Safety Syringe #8881511235) 1
BD syringe tip cap  1
Med Xl Saline Syringe, 10ml (# 3705C) 1
Needle 25g x 5\8” with needle guard 2
Needle 22g x 1.5” with needle guard (Kendall Monoject Magellan Safety needle # 8881850315) 2
Simu-Ampule 1ml 2
Simu-Vial 1
Simu-Powder 2
Cotton Tipped Applicators, Sterile, 2s  4
Hospira Primary Plumset #14687-28 1
Hospira Primary Gravity Set #12662-004 1
Hospira Secondary IV Set #14230-003 1
Normal Saline Bag, 50ml 2
Normal Saline Bag, 100ml 2
Sterile Dressing Tray (must be wrapped, not peel-back) 2
Tegaderm 6x7cm/5 split tegaderm 2
4x4’s, each 10
250ml Bottle of saline with screw top 1
Transpore Tape 1” 1
2x2’s, each 10
ABD Pad 2
Hypafix 5cm x 10m 1
Sterile latex-free Gloves (5 pairs) 2
Sterile Tracheostomy Tray (must be wrapped, not peel-back) 1
Drain sponges (Trach sponges, split gauze 4x4) 2
Sterile Catheterization Tray (must be wrapped, not peel-back) 1
Catheter, Foley, Silicone Elastomer 14FR 1
Suction Catheter (14 fr) 1
IV blood tubing to run straight drain (gravity feed) (Y type blood tubing # JC 6394 from Baxter) 1
250ml Bag of Normal Saline 1
PICC Dressing  1

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