Cambrian College - Medical Radiation Technology Intravenous Kit

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Medical Radiation Technology Intravenous Kit contents:

22g IV Catheter 2
Med RX Extension Tubing 1
Baxter Primary IV Tubing 1
50ml IV bag 1
10ml Prefilled Syringe 1
10ml Simu-Sterile Water 1
Clearlink Vial Adapter 1
Alcohol Swabs 2
Vinyl Gloves, pair 1
Tourniquet 1
6x7 Tegaderm  2
Blunt Fill Needle 18g x 1.5" 1
SafetyGlide Needle 18g x 1.5" 1
2x2 Sterile Gauze 2
Dressing Tray 1
Isolation Gown 1
Ear loop face mask  2
Sterile Vinyl Gloves, Large 1


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