Cambrian College PNDP Semester 3-4

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PNDP Semester 3-4 Contents:

BD 3ml Syringe LL 3
BD 5ml Syringe LL 3
BD 10ml Syringe LL 3
Syringe, 1ml tuberculin (w/o needle) 3
Needle, 27 g X 1/2" needle with needle guard 5
Needle, 25g x 5/8" with needle guard 5
Needle, 21g x 1 1/2" with needle guard  5
Needle, 18g x 11/2" with needle guard 5
Needleless Med. Prep Cannula - Monject Smartip 2
Simu-2ml Ampule 4
Simu-Powder 6
Simu-Vial 10ml 2
Normal Saline 30mL. injection w/preservative 1
Transpore tape 1" 2
Needleless Continu-Flo IV Tubing- with 2 injection sites   2
Needleless Secondary med set w/hanger, injection ports  2
Normal saline mini-bag, 50ml 5
Normal saline mini-bag, 100ml 5
Baxter Reconstitution Device 1



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