Cambrian College PSW Lab Kit

Glove Size

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PSW Lab Kit Contents:

Vinyl Gloves 100/box 2
Sterile Vinyl Gloves - S/M/L 3
Safety Goggles 1
Earloop Face Mask 10
Isolation Gown, Yellow 3
Contour Glucometer Test Strips 10
Contour Lancets 10
1ml Syringe 1
3ml Syringe 1
1cc 28g Insulin Syringe 4
Bar Soap 1
Plastic Teaspoon 6
Plastic Med Cups 4
Orange Stick 1
Disposable Brief (size med or lg) 1
Disposable razors 3
Shaving cream (small) 1
Alcohol Swabs, 200/box 1
Mouthwash bottle (small) 1
Toothettes (individually wrapped) 4
Nail clipper (finger) 1
Dressing Tray 3
14FR Intermittent Catheter 1
16FR Foley Catheter 1
Sterile catheterization kit  2
Tongue Depressors (sterile) 6
Urine specimen containers 2
2x2 gauze 10
4x4 gauze  10
4x4 drainage gauze  10
Abdominal Pad (Medium) 5"x9" 2
1" Transpore Tape 2
Hypafix  (5cm X 10m) 1
Water soluble lubrication (packets)  10
Tracheostomy ties per  yard (twill tape) 1
Cotton tip applicators for trach care 6
Steri-strips 1/4" x 1 1/2" 1
Yankauer suction  1
Twill Tape 2 Feet 1
Bandage Scissors 1
Specimen Container with Spoon 1
Self Catheter 1
Oral Medication Pack  1
Incentive Spirometer 1
Pinned Name Tags 1
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