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All in-stock products ship out 1-2 business days after receiving your order.
All in-stock products ship out 1-2 business days after receiving your order.
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Anatomy Lab All-purpose Patient Care Simulator

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This simulator is designed to meet teaching requirement for all the basic nursing skills. The joints
are flexible for movement, which allow various postures of the simulator.

Skills Gained

  • Pupils observation and demonstration
  • Face & hair cleaning and care
  • Oral care skills training
  • Tracheal tube insertion
  • Oral and nasal intubation for lavage/gavage
  • Oral, nasal, and tracheal suctioning
  • Oxygen inhalation
  • Postoperative care of tracheotomy
  • Heart sound, respiratory sound, and bowel sound auscultation
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Venipuncture arm for relative operation skills training, realistic breakthrough feeling and return of blood
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Postoperative care of ileostomy and colostomy
  • Interchangeable male and female genitalia with lifelike look and feel - soft male genitalia can be lifted to 60 degrees (to the abdominal wall). Durable material allows tearing and stretching, and can be repeatedly used. Realistic female genitalia, labium minus can be split to show clitoris, urethral orifice, and vaginal orifice
  • Wearable bedsore care module: Wound cleaning, classification, evaluation, length measurement
  • Various positions; easy to move; care of corpse
  • Local care: hand & foot, perineum
  • Holistic nursing care: sponge bath, change of gowns, cold and heat therapy
  • Catheterization


  • Key Features:
    • Flexible joints allow different positions
    • Replaceable skin and vessel
    • The puncture needle can be firmly fixed with infusion stick
    • The Manikin's Articulations Include:
      Trunk - rotation (forward & backward), flexion and extension
      Neck -rotation (forward & backward), flexion and extension
      Shoulder - abduction, adduction, rotation (medial & lateral), flexion and extension
      Elbow - rotation (medial & lateral), flexion and extension
      Wrist -flexion and extension, abduction, adduction, rotation (medial & lateral)
      Hip - abduction, adduction, rotation (medial & lateral), flexion and extension
      Knee -flexion and extension, rotation (medial & lateral)
      Ankle -dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, abduction, adduction, rotation (medial & lateral)
  • Two standardized modules (both can be used with other products):

BPSim Module

  • Non-invasive blood pressure can be measured with real BP monitor; stethoscope included
  • Korotkoff sound
  • Pressure value is displayed through dynamic mmHg, value can be precisely set to 1mmHg
  • Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, volume and pulse rate can be set. Adjustable range: 0-300mmHg
  • Systolic & diastolic pressure, volume and heart rate can be displayed on the LED screen simultaneously
  • Automatic calibration, low power consumption. The system will shut down after 10 mins of non-operation. Battery can be used for at least 1 semester (4-5 months)

AUDSim Module

  • 54 normal and abnormal heart sounds (14), breath sounds (13) and bowel sounds (6), as well as patient's voice (21) for selection
  • User-friendly interface, easy to operate
  • 5 different kinds of sounds can be played at the same time and at any combination with corresponding status showing on the screen
  • Multi-language interface (Chinese and English)
  • Earphone can be used for self-study. Teacher can use sound box to broadcast sounds to demonstrate. There is also a speaker inside the simulator
  • 5V DC power supply

Packed weight: 44.9 lbs.
Dimensions: 36.4 in. x 21.8 in. x 10.0 in

1 x All-purpose Patient Care Simulator
1 x Wig
1 x Inflating bulb
1 x Catheter (#14)
1 x Lavage tube
1 x Gowns
1 x Simulated bladder
1 x Operation manual
1 x Wearable bedsore modules
1 x Venipuncture training module
1 x Fluid reservoir
1 x AUDSim module
1 x BPSim module

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