College Boreal Nursing Kit #SIA1017



Please see the contents list below for SIA1017. Ordering is available now. Your kit will be shipped directly to College Boreal for pick up on Jan 5th. Ordering deadline is Friday Dec 13th at 5pm. All orders received after will be subject to at $25 shipping charge. All orders are non-returnable and non-refundable


Dressing Tray 5
ABD Pad 5
Sterile Gloves, Nitrile, S/M/L 6
4x4 Sterile Dressing 10
2x2 Sterile Dressing 10
Transpore Tape 1" 1
Foley Catheter Tray 3
14FR Foley Catheter 2
16FR Foley Catheter 2
Sterile Tongue Depressors 6" 10
Pain Assessment Laminated Card  1
 Face Mask with ties 5