College Boreal Nursing Kit #SIA1017



Please see the contents list below for SIA1017. Ordering is available now. Your order will ship directly to your schools for pick up. All orders are non-returnable and non-refundable

Your kit will be delivered to College Boreal for pick up

Deadline to order is Friday Sept 22th 5pm.


Dressing Tray 5
Sterile Gloves, Nitrile, S/M/L 8
ABD Pad 5
4x4 Sterile Dressing 10
2x2 Sterile Dressing 10
Transpore Tape 1" 1
Foley Catheter Tray 4
14FR Foley Catheter 4
12FR Intermittent Catheter 2
Sterile Tongue Depressors 6" 10
Pain Assessment Laminated Card  1
 Face Mask with ties 1
Face Mask with Earloops 1
Irrigation Tray with Piston Syringe 1
Fleet Enema 130ml 1