Vanier College Kit 180-311

Vanier College Kit #180-311

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Kit Contents

Insulin Administration Kit  
BD Insulin Syringe 1cc 29g x 0.5" 3
BD Insulin Syringe 0.5cc 29g x 0.5" 2
Simu-Humln REG 10ml Vial 1
Simu-Humln NPH 10ml Vial 1
Pint Size Sharps Container 1
Enteral Feeding Administration Kit  
BD 60ml Catheter Tipped Syringe 1
30ml Plastic Cup 1
Salem Sump Tubing 1
Ostomy Care Kit  
Ostomy Wafer 1
Ostomy Bag 1
Scissors 1
Ostomy Measuring Tool 1
Initiating and Monitoring IV Fluids  
Baxter 500ml IV Bag 1
Baxter Primary IV Tubing 1
BD Pre-filled 10ml Syringe  1
BD Pre-filled 3ml Syringe  1
Saline Lock 1
Alcohol Swabs 1
Clearlink Needle Free Connector 1
6cm x 7cm Tegaderm 3
IV Tubing Changed Label (Yellow) 1
Medication Added Label 1


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