Mohawk College - BSCN Level 2 kit

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Simu-Ampule 2ml
Sterile Water Vial 10ml
Simu-Powder 10ml
Baxter 500ml IV Bag
Baxter 50ml IV Bag
3M Micropore Tape 1"
Medication Added Label
Card on Safe Disposal of Needles
3cc 21Gx1.5 eclipse safety syringe
18g x 1.5" Blunt Needle with Filter
Insulin Syringe 1cc 28g x 0.5"
1ml LL Syringe
3ml LL Syringe
25Gx5/8 needle
22Gx1.5 needle
3cc 22Gx1.5 Vanishpoint syringe
21Gx1.5 needle
Dressing Tray
Foley Catheter Tray
Primary IV Set
Secondary IV Set  
12FR Foley Catheter 
Sterile Nitrile Gloves, Medium
Alcohol Prep Pads
Abd Pad 8X10 sterile
4x4 Gauze
Drain Sponge
2x2 Gauze
Staple Removal Kit
Suture Removal Tray
Vinyl Exam Gloves, Med
Foam Suture/Staple Pad