Vanier College Kit #180-211

Vanier College Kit #180-211

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Kit Contents

School Logo Imprinted Tote Bag 1
IM/SC Needles and Syringes   
Pristine Medical Injection Pad 1
BD 1ml LL Syringe 3
BD 3ml LL Syringe 5
BD 5ml LL Syringe 3
BD 10ml LL Syringe 1
Sterile Water 10ml Vial 6
Simu-Ampule 2ml 10
Alcohol Swabs 20
BD PrecisionGlide Needle 22g x 1.5" 10
BD PrecisionGlide Needle 20g x 1" 10
BD Blunt Fill Needle 18g x 1.5" 2
Wound Care Kit  
Dressing Tray 1
Sterile Medium Nitirle Gloves 1
Transpore Tape 1 1
Packing Gauze 0.5 x 72 1
Underpad 1
Suture Removal Kit 1
Staple Removal Kit 1
Steri-Strips 1/4 x 1.5 1
ABD Pad 5x9 1
Suture/Staple Pad 1
Pint Size Sharps Container 1
Sterile Gauze 4x4 5
Sterile Gauze 2x2 5

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